Artist Statement

Vishwa Shroff’s work explores spatial and narrative possibilities of Urban and architectural scenarios. The subtle metamorphosis that denotes an in-between and a (simultaneously) specific moment in time are recorded through drawings.  This act of drawing the markings and physical manifestations of usage, the cracks and discolorations that appear as scars in these architectural spaces, are understood as durational dialogs between the building and those that have passed through them.

The attentions with which these objects are perceived generate a record of isolated artefacts that have developed in space and time. The shifting balance between permanence and transition is evocative of life that once existed, of neighbourhood anecdotes and landmarks, whilst the buildings become a repository of its own history. These spaces and places have a momentary and uncertain existence that allow them to be construed as chronicles of Linier time, encompassing the days, weeks and months that have passed between then and now and as a continuum. They are perceived as temporal maps of architectural fashions, memorials to alterations of that space which is intentionally conceived, mutates and is in a constant state of flux.

The drawing method attempts to synchronise the act of looking. It follows the eye as it shifts from one object to the next, whilst Shroff consider the evolution in representing space or architecture or city that have been employed from about the mid 1800’s: how drawing is experienced or how what is drawn is experienced. The simplicity of the drawing technique is complimented by the complexities of the form, like paper Victorian toy theatres, the assemblage of the paper layers and the play involved in this making process allows narration to become a game in the mind of the viewer to play as one would with a doll house or Lego, permitting narrative constructs and micro stories to appear where they are not particularly intended.

Vishwa Shroff started her artist training at The Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda in 2002. She continued on to the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (UK) in 2003. Her career so far has seen five solo exhibitions –‘Drawn Spaces ‘ (2016)and ‘Postulating Premises’ (2015) at TARQ Gallery, ‘One Eye! Two Eyes! Three Eyes!’( 2012)  at the Acme Project Space, London, ‘Memories of a Known Place’ (2012), Birmingham (UK) and ‘Room: Collaborative Book Show’ (2011), Vadodara (India). Besides participating in artist residencies all over the world, Shroff has also been a part of group exhibitions such as ‘Again and Yet Again’ (2017) at Gallery OED, , Cochin, (India), ‘Planes of Experience, Zones of Action’ (2017) at Goethe Institut-Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai ,‘Reading Room’ (2016) at Saffron Art, New York, ‘Reading Room: Leaves, Threads and Traces’ (2015), The Winchester Gallery (UK), ‘Bartered Collections’ ( 2015) by Cona Projects at the Mumbai Art Room and ‘Momento Mori’ (2015) at TARQ Gallery. She was the recipeint of the  UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists in 2011


One thought on “Artist Statement

  1. Anyone who mentions the word “ontology” must be ‘wealthy’ enough to have the time contemplate the nature of existence…. very Greek.

    An abundance of words, and the dreaded word “narrative” give the ontological impression that this work belongs firmly in the ‘existence’ of the elite art world. A niche so firmly packed with ideas and contemplations of navels that if it burst it would send the universe into chaos!

    Having experienced one of Vishwa’s exhibitions I can relate to her last short paragraph.. which really says it all. I did leave thinking about layers and thoughts about 3D printing… perhaps about the boundaries of objects and other luxuriously useless thoughts… again very dualistic, Greek or in the vein of mono theistic thought.

    This is what I find so ironically painful about art… too much thinking and not enough just ‘being’. It is wonderful how the indivisibility of all existence is challenged by the apparently diverse and striking nature of ‘entities”. Observe, accept and let it be – so easy and pleasurable…. or analyse, icon, archetypal, measure, probe, judge, justify, critique, estimate… all very solid, pokey, prying words full of tearing and prodding and thoroughly prone to dualism.

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