His-Story project

Distillery Shed, recorded on 6th October 2018; 2019
watercolour, ink and graphite on paper. Oil Pastel and epoxy

Spaces and places have a momentary and uncertain existence that allow them to be construed as chronicles of Linier time, encompassing the days, weeks and months that have passed between then and now and as a continuum. The shifting balance between permanence and transition is evocative of life that once existed and can be perceived as temporal maps of architectural fashions, memorials to alterations of that space which is intentionally conceived, mutates and is in a constant state of flux.

Brian Dillon in his essay A Short Story of Decay eloquently writes, “The ruin is not a site of melancholy or mourning but of radical Potential”. It is this sentiment that permits us to view the transformations of buildings with a sense of excavation in their interim. A perceived unearthing of physical evidence, of a bygone that lives only in mnemonic discourse or as assigned historic linage that it is destined to become. This project generates three drawings of Alembic’s 100 year old distillery shed, instantly rooting the viewer into an awareness of the space they are standing in, whilst echoing notions of discovery, giving this otherwise industrial shed a assumed geology and set of documents that masquerade as evidence of an archaeological process.  However, the site-specific floor work displaces this immediacy of time to tumbles back into history, leaving one to wonder whether these drawn tiles are markers of architectural residues, or an intervention to add to the history of this space.

Distilled Blueprints continues at Space Studios, Baroda until Saturday, 2nd March 2019

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