Again and yet again

Party walls, Tokyo series find their way to Kochi from 6 PM / 18 Feb 2017 / Gallery OED Cochin.


What follows to an initial process in placing a dot on any surface is expanded to many dots as random and voluntary repercussions that construct a significant representation. It is not about accidents however, departure from intuitive. At this point one would ask, is this repetitive construct. While repetition is exercised, rather it is outcome of collective praxis replicated in physicality to counter the making. It might seem to venture into infinitive, recurring elements of everyday life. Here the repetition or recurring unlike mundane but ruptures slowly unwinding stories, happenings, occurrences.
 This exhibition is a lead to recalibrating many lives, instances and deep palpable fragments present in the continuous visual pace. It probes the viewer to think of the act in doing, making, being multiple. The visuals pore out again and again as if in emergency, resurgent. Here the foci delve in bringing group of artists’ working in various mediums those provide a dimension to, measure forming stimulus and exuberating visual verse.

Whilst connecting dots or drawing lines in preconceived dimension in excessive and multiplicity of imagery the former withholds animosity. With much obscure expression it brings, is of routine-ness, extended looking at similar things for longer time. It is visceral as it is laid on to a surface, as hackneyed it might sound to unfold ways of connecting in the act of repetition. This curatorial emphasizes repetition as not like study, modulation, tonality and change; while it attempts to lark around the idea of holding and releasing in the act of looking. What is happening in the clustered meticulous rendering, what if a block or form is removed or reshuffled. Does it co-habit as togetherness or distances vacuity in spatial reference.

This exhibition brings this many artists works to compile a body of refurbishment at the Gallery OED. It traces some lost threads and connect dots from pieces woven in snippets of practice as visual reappearance.
-Shruti Ramalingaiah
Anni Kumari, Dibin Thilakan, K Reghunadhan, Krupa Makhija , Madhu Das, Minal Damani, Pooja Iranna, Pradeep Kumar K P, Pratap Modi, Sujith S N, Siji Krishnan, Viswa Shroff, Zakkir Hussain.

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