Half way marker

As one walks around a city, it soon becomes apparent that the city is its own repository of historical texts that appear and disappear as material artefacts. Even when one ignores the archaeology of the city , the material evidence of actual evolution and construct affirms this notion.   Certain rudimentary characteristic of material appearance become common within the city, and it is these that I explore in the Partywall works. Partisan walls hold the evidence of a previous existence: a structure which was, but will soon be replaced. The momentary existence is suggestive of that interlude and exists only in this time, unlike historical buildings, they are destined to be superseded and are reminiscent of the attention with which we observe.

Partywall: Series 2,  Japan.  (12 of 24) Medium: watercolour and Ink on paper. 

The evolutionary nature of Partisan walls ladle them with a preordained notion of ephemeral histories akin to oral traditions which are retold and literally built up. Drawings of these walls therefore  becomes a personal attempts to register or catalog transitory pauses  which occur in the process, as certain artefacts become part of the city’s memory and new ones are yet to emerge.

However my job is not complete. It is a half way mark as I walk and draw more, thinking about the final shape these should take.



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