Paradise AIR short stay residency conclusion.

I had thought I’d write for each day as the residency at Paradise AIR progressed. Unfortunately time did not permit such endeavours and I realised how short two weeks are. Nonetheless the thoughts towards this project, tentatively titled “Corridor project” in spite them not being corridors as such, have.

2015-10-11 20.21.24

Evans’ reads that the interconnectivity of rooms (as mention in an earlier post) permitted Soanian vista to occur in circulation spaces adjacent to or within the rooms; spaces unobstructed  by the occupants clutter, but those that nonetheless held signs of its occupation and taste in the form of paintings, sculptures and other menagerie. The hypothetical spaces drawn for this project combines Evans understanding, whilst projecting personal memories (some of which are stored in photographs) of domestic and public establishments, of libraries and cricket clubs and of museums and row houses esp from the colonial period in Mumbai and the Victorian and Georgian in London, but not restricted to these as such.  Rather they take the form of fragmented recollections indicative of the shifting attention with which such spaces are observed, superimposing  imagery embedded in period dramas and literary descriptions found in the writings of such authors as  Kipling, Morris, Austen and Bond.

It is in these spaces that the eye and mind wander. Not standing still even for a moment as though on a treasure hunt, I am compelled to walk from room to room, up and down and round and round repositioning the body with a thirst to scrutinise every inch, survey every corner and dekho every detail. This restlessness  is then as much an object held in the room as the furniture and furnishings, characteristic of a its new, temporary inhabitant. The endeavour to transfer this optic and corporeal manoeuvring is another matter. One which required diagrams and calculations way beyond the capacity of my un-matethmatical mind, creating distortions, shifting the imagery of the following drawings. This is what these two weeks have been about. I thank Shoji Wataru and the team at Paradise AIR for permitting me this time and and for their efforts towards the progress of this project. As I look forward to completing the remaining three sets of drawings, facing more diagrams and distortions, I shall miss Paradise AIR’s support immensely.

For more information on Paradise AIR and on the residency programs, events and updates, visit or their Facebook page

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