Paradise Air short stay residency Day 2 & 3



Settled into this new environment, the two days since have been calculations and mockups, readings and rereading, drawing and redrawing. Diagrammatically understanding  point perspective in relation to the eyes distance from the drawing has permitted use of a laser assisted measuring gadget conjuring images of open and closing emergency doors inside the USS Enterprise or guns of Spock and Kirk. In reality though, this simple principle from the renaissance and turn of century imagery grounds me well into analog renderings in pen and ink, at most a pencil. The dance of running up and down chairs, pointing lasers, drawing diagrams, cutting and writing measurements has resulted in only the 1st page complete in its position and its relation to the page that comes after it, the distortion of which remains untackeled, as does compositional considerations.

2015-10-06 12.35.35

2015-10-07 11.45.47


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