Cornered Stories


The functionality of a corner is fairly obvious.  Anyone who has built a lego house or tried to make a paper airplane knows how important a fold or corner is to enhancing strength – a corner creates sides, angles, voids and structure. We know the ingenuity of it in terms of architecture, building and making but we also know of the emotional connotations of a corner, being put it in the corner, etc., the dismissive act of the unimportance of an interior corner. Unlike that of an external one, perhaps, where you cannot stand within it but you can hide behind it. In either interior or exterior guise it is safe, a place offering protection or for reflection. The corner is a place we take for granted, a place ignored and a space only of functionality. However, as hinted upon above the corner is so much more than just structurally sound. 

Charlie Levine and I invited a few friends, artists, thinkers and Architects to think about a [type of] corner that means something to them and to write/illustrate something about it. It could be factual, fictional or illustrative.

Cornered Stories can be view at
The website is to act as a central hub for further discussion and a place for research about ‘corners’. We will keep updating as we begin to get final works from our friends,  hope this website will then extend into the physical world as a series of exhibitions.

Thank you for your participation
Anna Freeman Bentley, Carina Schneider, Caroline Walker, Cathy Wade,  Chinmoyi Patel, Hannes Schüpbach, James Quin, Jamie Humphreys, Jenson AntoKatie Miller, Kruti Saraiya, Lauren Cookson, Mary Yacoob, Melissa Smith, Pratap Morey, Sarita Chouhan, Shalini Arora, Snehal Goyal, Sashikanth Thavudoz

Image credit ©Hannes Schüpbach


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