Probably Ping Pong with Henrik Schrat at IMT Gallery

Probably Ping Pong
Saturday 22nd September 12 – 3pm
Free admission

To coincide with Report on Probability B and the Artists Books Weekend, IMT Gallery hosted an interactive event through which Henrik Schrat and collaborators produced a one-day comic strip. Schrat likens the process to a live Jazz jam session in which visitors are invited to participate by creating their own part of the narrative.

According to Schrat, “every page will begin with Ping Pong, the main character, awaking and end with him falling asleep. Every page follows the narrative of the preceding one in some sense, yet Ping Pong always awakens to another reality – finding himself drawn and handled by someone else. This references the mulitiple realities observing each other from the source material of the exhibition’s title: Brian Aldiss’ 1969 science fiction novel Report on Probability A.”

To complete the circle, a bound copy of the exploits of Ping Pong will be sent to Aldiss

Here is my contribution to Pingpongs prolonged quest.



Exhibition and project details at


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